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Information string flowcharts by Herb Zinser reviews LANGUAGE word clues about subset math and science word clues in books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Ideas covered in this post ... later on numbered pages

Page 1 - GUT theory
Page 2 - Zulu time death James Lutz
Page 3 - Totzke  time wars in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Page 4 - FBI TIME ERRORS at Quantico
Page 5 - June 11, 2001 execution results in September 11, 2001 execution of 2900+ people by the Federal government in Manhattan TWO TOWERs
Page 6 - Norris Hall shooting explains the Federal chain of DEATH SENTENCE expressions
Page 7  - Boston Spanish language DEATH SENTENCE of Tsarnaev contaminates Barcelona air port resulting in death of 150 Germanwings air plane  people
Page 9 - Justice  Department  fails Signal Freud iceberg  MODEL awareness test
Page 11 -  4 H Club fail communications test
page 12  - Oxygen President O  = Obama
Page 14 - methane molecule FARM student agents
Page 15 - Solomon organic chemistry Madison Wisconsin ISSUES
Page 18 - Emmet township murder
Page 19 - murder of Hannah Graham
Page 22 - Haroon Khan murder DATABASE
Page 23 - Boston murder system LINK to murder of Haroon Khan
Page 24 - Sandy Hook shooting
Page 25 - Computer Earth ....Boston CICS BMS
Page 27 - Santa Claus magnetic life form
Page 28 - EARTH versus Fermilab and the Federal government ERRORS
Page 31 - Malaysia Airline Flight 370 ... SYSTEM 370 crash
Page 32 - QueBEC .... Bose-Einstein Condensate
Page 34 - hydrocarbon molecule wars
Page 35 - OhIO execution system reaches IO = Indian Ocean
Page 37 - ROE   versus WADE
Page 38 - Senate PAGES send murder command to Wade Michael PAGE
Page 39 - the biology MARIA database
Page 41 - Richard Poplawski and the math wars of Pittsburg
Page 43 - John Locke and the locker room of Jerry Sandsky
Page 46 - Mike McQueary and Sherlock Holmes
Page 47 - Pittsburg  DEATH SENTENCE kills football player Junior Seau
Page 48 - Hayakawa  language and matrices TRIAL in Hayward

The evolution of the living language with math and physics equations, computer science flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams. etc has resulted in a new version of LANGUAGE ...... known by various terms as
the Universal Mind Language,

 Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE language, 

Carl Jung collective unconsciousness GROUP MIND expression systems of behavior and feeling that sometimes rises up to a surface level of information display ( crimes, protests, demonstrations, etc) and other language / behavior mechanics.

Books and printed news articles may contain subset messages that are embedded within the larger context of the written text.

read between the lines - Collins Dictionaries

www.collinsdictionary.com › English Dictionary
Example Sentences Including 'read between the lines'.
Nothing was spelled out, yet everything was there for those who could read between the lines. Ashford ...

In this blog post ...... we shall provide information strings using WORDS and subset WORDS and see their relationship to REALITY events.

Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations, flowcharts, etc. The ideas found in BASIC math and science college textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Using Galileo's suggestions of " 2 CHIEF WORLD SYSTEMS" we now perceive Sartre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more data spaces....... the 2 CHIEF existential entities

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, atoms, molecules, gravity fields, EARTH iron core, etc.

2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control system flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams, math and physics equations, etc.

Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

For example  ............ Charles Dickens " TALE of 2 Cities" .....  about two worlds on the EARTH surface.

What is the 2nd world?

Now we have  the 3rd word.

Third World - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term Third World arose during the Cold War to define countries that remained non-aligned with either NATO, or the Communist Bloc. The United States ...
First, Second, and Third World Countries, the common explanation of the terms.

Thus we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and THOUGHT  that may get a
 mathematical-physics mapping to the destination range of physical biology with human proper nouns, human activities, etc on the geography surface of EARTH .......
that is......   the EARTH surface as an information display surface using 3-dimensional vertical humans and their behavior and  daily activities.

Given the background concepts ......  let's look at some math and science  information strings ... very useful empirical data  about the structure of REALITY and its descriptive words   ......
for those in
GUT (Grand Unified Theory  ..... that includes Grand Avenue from Navy Pier to Pier Oddone and Grand Unified theorists at FermiLAB that need to recognize the existence of Nature's  keyword message codes --> Grand, Pier, and symbols GUT of the GUTENBERG printing and optical nerve project from year 1435 to 1453)
TOE (Time Order Entry systems of the Theory of Everything  .. and the WORD everything  which  includes YOU).
Information string .......

The Gutenberg Press - Special Collections & Archives ...

Oregon State University

By 1440 Gutenberg had established the basics of his printing press including the use of a mobile, reusable set of type, and within ten years he had constructed a ...

Johannes Gutenberg - Printing Press - Inventors - About.com

inventors.about.com › ... › Famous Inventors - G

In 1450 Johannes Gutenberg made his first printing press.

Grand Unified Theory - The Particle Adventure

The Particle Adventure

Today, one of the major goals of particle physics is to unify the various fundamental forces in a Grand Unified Theory which could offer a more elegant ...

Current “Zulu” Military Time - Time and Date

www.timeanddate.com › Time Zones › World Clock
Time and Date
Current local time in Time Zone – “Zulu” Military Time. Get “Zulu” Military Time's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore “Zulu” Military Time's ...

Travis Zoellick (20) shot himself after killing a man for his car ...

Oct 8, 2008 - Travis Zoellick (20) shot himself after killing a man for his car and Tammy LaFave (21) and Zachary Zaborek (19) are accused of aiding him.

Rocket Bomb: The Oldsmobile Rocket 88 and the Dawn of ...

Aug 20, 2008 - The starting gun of that race was sounded by Oldsmobile, with its advanced new overhead-valve V8 and the new mid-size model that shared its name: the 1949-1950 Oldsmobile Rocket 88. ... Oldsmobile’s first postwar engine was born during the UAW strike that shut down GM production ...

V8 engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A V8 engine is an eight-cylinder V engine with the cylinders mounted on the crankcase in two sets of four cylinders, in most cases set at a right angle to each ...

Timothy McVeigh(t) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Timothy James McVeigh (April 23, 1968 – June 11, 2001) was an American terrorist convicted and executed for the detonation of a truck bomb in front of the ...

20 years after the Oklahoma City bombing, Timothy McVeigh

Business Insider
Apr 19, 2015 - Timothy McVeigh AP HandoutThis evidence photo of Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh was introduced at his trial in Denver ...

Timothy James McVeigh was an American terrorist convicted and executed for the detonation of a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Wikipedia
Born: April 23, 1968, Lockport, NY

Nature's engineering  systems ..... June  11 revenge for citizen / Federal ERRORS ....the rigged TRIAL and omission of vast amounts of REALITY  evidence  from the TRIAL -->
  September 11 a result of the June 11  attack by Federal government

National September 11 Memorial & Museum
On September 11, 2001, the entire complex was destroyed  by FEDERAL INTELLECTUAL dribble ...... a  terrorist attack that has come to be ... The towers had been the target of an attack before 9/11.

Virginia Tech shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Virginia Tech shooting (also known as the Virginia Tech massacre) occurred on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State ...
About two hours after the initial shootings, Cho entered Norris Hall, which houses the Engineering Science and Mechanics program among others, and chained the three main entrance doors shut. He placed a note on at least one of the chained doors, claiming that attempts to open the door would cause a bomb to explode.

Event-driven process chain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An Event-driven Process Chain (EPC) is a type of flowchart used for business process modelling. EPCs can be used for configuring an enterprise resource ...

§7: THE DATA OF ETHICS (1879) by Herbert Spencer

... in correspondence with external co-existences and sequences; and still more ... said to be the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations.

Shortly before the shooting began, a faculty member found the note and took it to the building's third floor to notify the school's administration. At about the same time Cho had begun to shoot students and faculty on the second floor; the bomb threat was never called in.[6]:89[26] Within one or two minutes of the first shots, the first call to 9-1-1 was received.[27]
According to several students, before the shooting began Cho looked into several classrooms. Erin Sheehan, an eyewitness and survivor who had been in room 207, told reporters that the shooter "peeked in twice" earlier in the lesson and that "it was strange that someone at this point in the semester would be lost, looking for a class".[28] At about 9:40 a.m, Cho began shooting.[6]:90 Cho's first attack after entering Norris occurred in an advanced hydrology engineering class taught by Professor G. V. Loganathan in room 206

U.S. carbon atomic social chemistry Attorney Carmen Ortiz speaks to the news media with ...

Thomson Reuters Foundation

May 15, 2015 - U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz speaks to the news media with Boston Police Commisioner William B. Evans (L) after the sentencing of Boston bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev .

Below, Carmen Ortiz and her Spanish language  DEATH SENTENCE  ..... her Puerto RICO heritage and influence  to puerto code ..... COMPUTER EARTH I/O port  .....  puerto de Barcelona receives DEATH instructions from the Department of Justice  ....  Boston

The Two Cultures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Two Cultures is the first part of an influential 1959 Rede Lecture by British scientist and novelist C. P. Snow. Its thesis was that "the intellectual life of the ...
The lecture - ‎Implications and influence - ‎Antecedents - ‎See also

This is oxygen. We skipped nitrogen, but nitrogen added one electron to the z axis of the p orbital. Oxygen has 8 protons and 8 electrons.
 but nitrogen added one electron to the z axis of the p orbital
--> Z-axis WAR with the Brad P orbital.

Man, 19, faces reckless homicide charge

www.jsonline.com › ... › Milwaukee County
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

May 6, 2008 - Gabriel Lugo faces a charge of first-degree reckless homicide, party to a crime, in the death of 20-year-old Jake Gerard, according to a criminal ...

Weekend shooting victim hoped to become a quantum mechanic  and wave mechanic (2 mechanics jobs)  undercover agent for EARTH systems

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Apr 21, 2008 - Jake Gerard worked two jobs to pay his way through school and had ... Police said the party occurred in space rented from Atlas Bus Sales.
Jake Gerard worked two jobs to pay his way through school
Jake Gerard worked two jobs to pay his way through school
Jake Gerard worked two jobs to pay his  Milwaukee.... Milky Way Galaxy school 

The complaint says:

About 1:30 a.m., Gerard and a friend had been kicked out of a party in a commercial building at 2828 S. 16th St. The friend was arguing with men acting as security guards when Gerard stepped in between his friend and the guards, who then began to beat Gerard.

One of the guards, Ramon Trinidad, 25, pulled out a knife and began to stab Gerard in the right side of his back. It was about that time, a witness told police, that she heard gunshots coming
from the west side of S. 16th St.

Soon after, Gerard fell in between two cars. A witness told police she saw Trinidad shooting in the direction of the earlier shots. Trinidad has been charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, but not with stabbing Gerard, who had what the medical examiner described as a superficial knife wound.

Another complaint against Trinidad, Natanael Delgado-Crispin, 17, and Juan R. Salas, 32, - all of whom were working the door at the club - says they got in a scuffle outside with two men.
Delgado-Crispin is charged with obstructing an officer, false information, and possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18. Salas is charged with endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

That's about the time police say Lugo and Luis Correa, 21, were shooting into the crowd outside the club. Correa has been charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

According to records, Correa and two other men said Trinidad denied them entrance and showed them a gun. That's when Correa said he called Lugo, who arrived a short time. Correa then fired shots toward the club, the complaint says. Correa told police he, too, had fired a shot.
Gerard was shot in the back and two women drove him to St. Francis Hospital, where he died about 3:20 a.m.

from the west side of S. 16th St.

from the west side of S. 16th St.

from the west side of System base 16 ......  16th St.

Oak Hill Cemetery - Watertown Historical Society

Oak Hill Cemetery, Vintage Photo. The Oak Hill Cemetery Association of Watertown has decided. to no longer support a website of their own. It has been agreed ...
Find a Grave
A native of Watertown, Wisconsin, Kading was elected as a Republican to represent ... Oak Hill Cemetery, Watertown, Jefferson County, Wisconsin, USA ...

UPDATE: Student Murdered - NBC15.com

Sep 7, 2009 - Prosecutors say she contributed to Khan's death by taking part in the kidnapping. ... helping kidnap Haroon Khan, whose body was found in a shallow grave. ... Milwaukee PD, Watertown PD, UW-Milw PD, Town of Emmett PD, ...

Family says body found near Watertown is UWM student

www.jsonline.com › ... › Milwaukee County
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Oct 5, 2008 - Police investigate death of Haroon Khan, 31, as a homicide ... On Saturday morning, they found a body in a shallow grave in a wooded area off the roadway. ... in a mini storage building in the township of Emmet, Nehls said.

Family says body found near Watertown is UWM student

www.jsonline.com › ... › Milwaukee County
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Oct 5, 2008 - Police investigate death of Haroon Khan, 31, as a homicide ... Khan's family last saw him at his parents' home in Mequon around ... in a mini storage building in the township of Emmet, Nehls said. ...
His parents, Muhammad and Shahnaz,
immigrated to the United States from Pakistan nearly four decades ...
Pakistan  parents ,......  
Pakistan  parents ,......  
Pakistan  parents ,......  
...... stan  par ....
.......standard particle MODEL agents

Travis Zoellick (20) shot himself after killing a man for his car ...

Oct 8, 2008 - But Haroon Khan's pleas were in vain and he was brutally stabbed near ... week, his body dumped in a shallow grave by a man who wanted his 2006 ... That man, 20-year-old Travis Zoellick of Watertown, shot himself while ...

W and Z bosons  with    the Zoellick Boson  message

- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Their discovery was a major success for what is now called the Standard Model of particle physics. The W bosons are named after the weak force. The physicist ...

Fundamental Forces - HyperPhysics

Georgia State University
One of the four fundamental forces, the electromagnetic force manifests itself ... the W and the Z. Since the mass of these particles is on the order of 80 GeV, the ...

The Z boson of Watertown, Wisconsin  | conCERN at CERN


Like its electrically charged cousin, the W, the Z boson carries the weak force. The weak ... force, but it appears weak because its influence is limited by the large mass of the Z and W bosons. ... In Theory: why bother with theoretical physics?

Ferrous oxide IRON ...... message highway 26

Murder... der ...der... dermatology/ skin codes  of Hannah Graham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hannah Graham (February 25, 1996 – c. September 13, 2014) was an 18-year-old second-year British American student at the University of Virginia who went ...
Cause of death‎: ‎Homicidal violence of u...
Height‎: ‎5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Disappeared‎: ‎September 13, 2014 (aged ...
Status‎: ‎Remains recovered October 18,

Boston Marathon TRACK  Information

Boston Marathon

Official Post-Race Party presented by Samuel Adams · Travel & ...

The Earth's Magnetic Field ..... DATA FIELDS that fly thru the sky 

University of Tennessee
The Earth has a substantial magnetic field, a fact of some historical importance because of the role of the magnetic compass in exploration of the planet.

The magnetic field number 11 LINK to FermiLAB .......

SKU11 --> the FermiLAB warehouse of ideas with SKU = Stock Keeping  Unit 11 .....

shown below  ..... with the leader from the Galapagos Islands extension region of Peru 

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to Aircraft - Flight 370 was operated with a Boeing 777-2H6ER, serial number 28420, registration 9M-MRO. It was the 404th Boeing 777 produced, ...

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 unofficial disappearance theories

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared on 8 March 2014, after departing from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 passengers and crew members on board.

BBC News - Missing Malaysia plane MH370: What we know

Dec 3, 2015 - The missing Malaysian Airlines plane, flight MH370, had 239 people ... French investigators confirmed the aircraft wing part came from the ...

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - News, Pictures, & Videos ...

CBS News
Follow CBS News' coverage of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 over Southeast Asia, including news, pictures, videos, and more.

Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting - Wikipedia, the free ...

On August 5, 2012, a massacre took place at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, where 40-year-old Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people and ...
Incident - ‎Victims - ‎Perpetrator - ‎Reactions

Brownian motion specimen Michael Brown  - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Brownian motion or pedesis (from Greek: πήδησις /pˈɪːdiːsis/ "leaping") is the random motion of particles suspended in a fluid (a liquid or a gas) resulting from their collision with the quick atoms or molecules in the gas or liquid.
Encyclopaedia Britannica

Dec 3, 2015 - If a number of particles subject to Brownian motion are present in a given medium and there is no preferred direction for the random oscillations ...

Shooting of Michael Brown - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The shooting of Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a northern suburb of St. Louis. Brown, an 18-year-old black man, was fatally ...
Date‎: ‎August 9, 2014
Non-fatal injuries‎: ‎Darren Wilson (during ...
Location‎: ‎Ferguson, Missouri‎, U.S
Charges‎: ‎None filed

Iron-56 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Iron-56 (56Fe) is the most common isotope of iron. About 91.754% of all iron is iron-56. Of all nuclides, iron-56 has the lowest mass per nucleon. With 8.8 MeV ...
Isotope mass‎: ‎55.9349375 u
Excess energy‎: ‎-60601.003± 1.354 keV
Binding energy‎: ‎492253.892± 1.356 keV
Neutrons‎: ‎30

Piermaria Oddone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Piermaria J Oddone is a Peruvian-American particle physicist. Born in Peru, Oddone earned his bachelor's degree in Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of ...
A native of Peru, Piermaria Oddone came to the United States in 1961 to attend MIT. After receiving his undergraduate degree in 1965, he received his PhD in ...
Mark Kirk
Jun 13, 2013 - Today I'm proud to honor my friend Dr. Piermaria Oddone as he retires ... Born in Peru, he received his Ph.D. in Physics from Princeton before ...

MariaDB - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

MariaDB is a community-developed fork of the MySQL relational database ...
MariaDB surpasses MySQL as a leader in open source database solutions by delivering enterprise-level high availability, scalability and security.

MariaDB versus MySQL - Compatibility - MariaDB ...

... in the error log about incorrectly defined tables from the mysql database, fix that with mysql_upgrade. ... The old --maria- startup options are removed.

Vang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chai Soua Vang (born September 24, 1968) is a Hmong American from Laos who was convicted of murder. Vang shot eight people while on a hunting trip in northern Wisconsin on November 21, 2004; six were killed .... The Salt Lake Tribune.
Background - ‎Investigation - ‎Trial - ‎Reaction

2009 Pittsburgh police shootings - Wikipedia, the free ...

Richard Andrew Poplawski (born September 12, 1986) lived with his mother and grandmother in the Stanton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Poplawski had ...

Death penalty upheld for Richard Poplawski in killing of ...

Dec 30, 2015 - Lawyers for convicted cop-killer Richard Poplawski questioned whether it was an error to allow police statements into evidence and show the ...

Penn State child sex abuse scandal - Wikipedia, the free ...

Jerry Sandusky was an assistant coach for the Penn State Nittany Lions football .... the East Area Locker Rooms on PSU campus, and; a hotel room in Texas.

Penn State Scandal Fast Facts - CNN.com

Oct 28, 2013 - On June 22, 2012, Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of 45 of the 48 criminal ... Sandusky's locker room keys are confiscated and the incident is ...

Junior Seau - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Seau committed suicide with a gunshot wound to the chest in 2012 at the age of 43. ... Tiaina Baul Seau Jr. was born January 19, 1969, in San Diego, California, the ... Seau attended Oceanside High School in Oceanside, where he lettered in ...

The Red-Headed League - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The Red-Headed League" is one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It first appeared in The Strand Magazine in August ...

Adventure 2: “The Red-Headed League and the Football League” | The Adventures ...

Sherlock Holmes' quick eye took in my occupation, and he shook his head with a ... “TO THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE: On account of the bequest of the late ...
Internet Movie Database
Rating: 8.8/10 - ‎395 votes
What seems at first to be a harmless prank played upon a red-headed man is soon revealed to be much more: a sinister scheme devised by the Napoleon of ...

Thus ... in this blog post you have some information strings  ..... the  language  fabric and its LINKS to physical reality and events.

Black Holes & Time Warps | W. W. Norton & Company

books.wwnorton.com › Science › Astronomy
W. W. Norton & Company

Black holes, down which anything can fall but from which nothing can return; ... Kip Thorne, along with fellow theorists Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose, ... tapestry of interlocking themes, coming finally to a uniquely informed answer to the ...
 tapestry of interlocking themes, coming finally to a uniquely informed answer to the ...
 tapestry of interlocking themes, coming finally to a uniquely informed answer to the ...
 tapestry of interlocking themes, coming finally to a uniquely informed answer to the ...

The Two Cultures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Two Cultures is the title of the first part of an influential 1959 Rede Lecture by British scientist and novelist C. P. Snow. Its thesis was that "the intellectual life of the whole of western society" was split into the titular two cultures — namely the sciences and the humanities — and that this was a major hindrance to solving the world's problems. ...
Snow's position can be summed up by an often-repeated part of the essay:
A good many times I have been present at gatherings of people who, by the standards of the traditional culture, are thought highly educated and who have with considerable gusto been expressing their incredulity at the illiteracy of scientists. Once or twice I have been provoked and have asked the company how many of them could describe the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The response was cold: it was also negative. Yet I was asking something which is the scientific equivalent of: Have you read a work of Shakespeare’s?[5]
I now believe that if I had asked an even simpler question — such as, What do you mean by mass, or acceleration, which is the scientific equivalent of saying, Can you read? — not more than one in ten of the highly educated would have felt that I was speaking the same language. So the great edifice of modern physics goes up, and the majority of the cleverest people in the western world have about as much insight into it as their neolithic ancestors would have had.[5]